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Board Portal Best Practices: Preparing as a Team

By Allix Beckmann, June 25, 2019

It takes more than one person to run an efficient board meeting.

The best board members know this is true. But is your board operating in a way that reflects this?

Many are familiar with the traditional method of prepping for a board meeting. This approach usually involves board members or staff sending all content to a central person who compiles it all into packets and distributes it out to members.

BoardPaq supports the method of having one administrator manage your board portal account by allowing all administration to be completed in the paperless BoardPaq app. This eliminates the time-consuming process of copying documents, binding or organizing into booklets, and distributing.

The method of one person controlling meeting preparation can work well, but there can be a couple of problems with it:
  • If the lead staff person leaves, your board meetings (and therefore the organization) will suffer until the role is filled.
  • Hoarding knowledge leads to inefficiency. When more people are involved, it raises the likelihood for innovation.
BoardPaq utilizes methods to allow your board to run more efficiently as a team, resulting in more engaged members who come to meetings prepared and ready to contribute to discussions.

Board preparation can be streamlined even further by allowing board portal administrators to task other members with providing content for the meeting. Without extensive training, your BoardPaq administrator can allow other members minimal access for uploading content or adding to the agenda directly within the BoardPaq app. It could be another staff member, or several board members taking ownership for agenda items. Administrators have the ability to allow others to access an agenda item, upload documents, or create web links before the meeting is published. This allows the administrator more time to consider the flow of the meeting or more in depth discussion topics.

Whether you’re preparing for board meetings as a team or with a lead administrator, BoardPaq has designed a board portal to help improve your board’s meetings. To see how it can help the efficiency of your board preparation, schedule a demo here.

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