Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our services and products
What is BoardPaq?

BoardPaq is the next generation of paperless board portals that provides an affordable, easy-to-use, secure application on iOS, Android, Windows, and Web devices for your Board of Directors. With BoardPaq, you can create unlimited groups to manage, plan, and run meetings for all your leadership teams and committees.

How can I access BoardPaq?

Members can access BoardPaq from the device of their choice such as: smartphones, tablets or PCs. Installable on iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows 10 or accessible from any modern browser. No matter which one you choose, users will experience the same look and feel.

What versions of iOS are supported by BoardPaq?

iOS 11 on devices with Touch ID or Face ID is preferred, but any Apple device that supports iOS 9 or later is supported.

What does BoardPaq cost?

BoardPaq offers an annual payment option to fit your unique organization. Please see contact us for more information.

Can I see a demo of BoardPaq?

Yes, you can see a free, 30-45 minute demo of BoardPaq by contacting us at or scheduling a demo here.

Does BoardPaq offer Training for directors and admins?

Yes, BoardPaq provides both director and admin training. Live training sessions are held via screenshare and can be done for individuals or groups. BoardPaq also features built-in training videos for directors and admins. More information can be found here.

Does BoardPaq charge setup fees? How long does implementation take?

No, there are no additional fees for setup. BoardPaq uses an online signup which gives your organization instant access to your account. Implementation can be done in as little as one day.

Does BoardPaq offer support?

BoardPaq offers 24/7 toll free phone support. We also provide Admin support through email, phone, or screen share during business hours. All support is included in your pricing.

Can we bring BoardPaq to the meeting and no paper at all?

Yes, you will be able to use the BoardPaq Web App, iOS App, Android App or Windows App to access all meeting content and documents. If certain members do not have a device or personal computer and would prefer to use paper, it is possible to print out the agenda and documents for them. BoardPaq also allows you to go completely paperless if desired!

Is BoardPaq secure?

Yes, BoardPaq undergoes an annual SOC 2 Type 1 security audit and has earned the right to display the SOC seal. BoardPaq understands that security and confidentiality are core product features. Security assurance is a key requirement for customers, so BoardPaq implements a secure-by-default design. Configurable options are available for individual customers to adapt the security model to their particular needs. For more information see BoardPaq's Security page here.

Does BoardPaq offer Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes, Two-factor authentication is an available option for enhanced security. It applies to all users whether they are logging into Admin Center, the BoardPaq iOS App, Android App, Windows App or Web App. Two-factor authentication combines credentials known by the user with a token received on a device the user possesses in order to login. The token is generated by BoardPaq and sent via SMS text messaging to the cell phone registered for the user in BoardPaq.

Does BoardPaq charge fees for extra storage?

No, each account is allocated its own private storage space at no additional cost.

What documents types are supported in BoardPaq?

BoardPaq recommends uploading all documents as PDF to maximize annotation features, but nearly all file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and pictures are supported.

Does BoardPaq handle last minute changes?

Yes. Changes can be made at any time. All changes take effect in real time so users always see the most up to date information. As admins work on materials, auto-save ensures their important work is always readily available.

Can I view my documents when my iPad doesn't have an internet connection?

Yes, BoardPaq offers a secure offline mode with the iPad app giving you the ability to view and annotate meeting agendas, documents, and library materials.

Does BoardPaq own my data? What happens if we cancel our subscription?

BoardPaq does not own your data. Per our terms, after cancelling, the data will be purged from the data centers after 60 days.

I want to keep things simple for my board initially, do I need to use all the features available?

BoardPaq allows you to use only the features you want. Users will not see any empty sections in the app, allowing you to roll out features at your own pace.

Does your system notify users when there are changes or if they have items they need to respond to?

Admins can send a group email notification to alert users of any changes or updates. For tasks in BoardPaq, automatic emails are sent to the user notifying them they have items awaiting their response.

Can users add BoardPaq meetings to their own electronic calendars outside of BoardPaq?

Yes, we offer an add to calendar file (.ics) which is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, iCal, and more. This allows users to mix meetings with other appointments and set reminders for their convenience.

Can we store old packets in BoardPaq? How long are the meetings available in the system to the users?

With unlimited storage, you can keep all your past meetings in our system. You can make meetings available to users for as long as you wish. A record of all meetings is available to admins over the course of your subscription.