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I love that the Web App and iPad App look and work the same way. This helps so much.

home screen

I love the regular updates to the system. It seems like whenever we (as staff) come across something that we think could be improved, you read our minds and it's updated the next time we log in! I can tell that the company really does live by the 'earning your business each month' mantra.

Member Home Page

Keep Board Members informed with the News and Announcements features. Allow for quick, informal Polling questions. Use action items to allow members to review draft minutes, RSVP, and complete assigned tasks from previous meetings.

News & Announcements

The News section quickly briefs users on recent company or organizational news. An administrator can add member welcome messages and provide any information or news items that members should be informed of prior to a meeting.


Ability to add company logo, member photos, and contact information for current users and their committees.


Administrators can quickly collect data from members by creating Polls. Members tap desired answers and results are compiled automatically.


The Home screen tracks individual member tasks to complete for each meeting. Complete assignments from prior meetings. Review and comment on draft minutes. Respond to RSVP meeting requests.


It was so nice to only bring iPads to the meeting! No more paper! Thank you for your flexibility and working with us to add features. We have spent a great deal of time looking at solutions and making sure they can fulfill our needs.

Meeting Calendar

Easy access to upcoming meetings as well as past meeting materials. Automatically displays meetings for the current month.

Membership Directory

Easy access to member contact information, bios and committee memberships. Ability to upload photos allows for greater recognition and more comfortable interaction.


Allows members to inform the board administrators of their availability and provide additional notes prior to meetings.


You have no idea how much we spent on printing and mailing our documents! I wish we would have known about this ages ago!


Maintaining an online meeting agenda within the board portal allows users to view correlating documents and add notes to agenda items.

Supporting Documents

View documents with agenda items so that they appear in context.

Agenda Item Notes

Attach personal notes and reminders to agenda items for reference during meetings.

Secure Discussions

Secure, real-time discussion enables collaboration between members and staff on individual agena items.

1-Button Download

That's all it takes for users to access the most up-to-date content and to load all available meeting documents with one touch.

Real-time Voting

Vote any time the resolution is open for voting, from anywhere.

Side by Side Display

View your meeting agenda on the left, while the document you have open stays on the right!


Allows our Board Members to maximize their efficiency in and out of the boardroom.

PDF Annotation

Allows board members to virtually mark up documents while preparing for a meeting.

Responsive Toolbar

The responsive toolbar reacts to all of your document edits and additions.


Locate specific content within a document by scrolling, jumping to page number, or searching for key terms.

Document Markups

Highlight, Free-hand Drawing, Sticky Notes


BoardPaq has enhanced our directors ability to review current and prior board information as well as other data they need at their fingertips.

Library and Offline Mode

Access general board documents such as board policies and procedures, mission and vision statements, codes of conduct and other general reading material.

Offline Mode

Available for iOS app, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

When offline, you can still securely view meeting agendas, documents, Library documents, make annotations and more!

Enhanced Discussions
Enhanced Discussions

Keep members engaged and connected through real-time, contextual discussions. With this tool they can monitor discussions across the entire account in one secure place. Flag discussions from across all categories to keep tabs on what's most important to you.

Agenda Discussions

Participate in discussions on any meeting agenda item. See what others are saying about various hot topics on the agenda.

Document Discussions

Discuss specific documents to help with document approval workflow.

Personal Discussions

Communicate privately with individual members or groups of users.