Electric Cooperatives

Board Portal for Electric Cooperatives

Your cooperative plays an important role in delivering electricity to towns and communities across the country. BoardPaq is proud to support electric cooperatives, and we are proud to help your board focus on serving customers who depend on electric cooperatives to power their communities.

BoardPaq, the board portal of choice for electric cooperatives throughout the country, has a suite of features that helps your Board of Directors and staff spend more time serving customers and less time conducting and preparing for board and committee meetings. Our platform helps you create and distribute minutes and agendas, and provides forms, templates, and tools that will help you create the high-performing board your community expects.

Industry Leading Security Features

Over 10% of Electric Cooperatives trust BoardPaq as their paperless board meeting solution. With the use of our system, directors are experiencing better access to confidential board materials saving them time, paper and money.

As one of the most secure portals on the market, our organizations benefit from industry leading security features such as:

  • SOC 2 security audit
  • 2-Factor Authentication via SMS text
  • Supports Touch ID
  • 256-bit encryption in-transit and at rest
  • Document and agenda item access control
  • 3 levels of admin access
  • Configurable Session timeout settings
  • Configurable password and lockout settings
  • Activity and access reports for auditors

BoardPaq has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 1 security audit and earned the right to display the SOC seal. This independent audit verified compliance with stringent standards for security and controls.

BoardPaq offers a rich set of features to help your Cooperative:

Easily and efficiently collect signatures on documents and forms
Minutes Builder
Stay compliant by recording minutes, attendance, votes, and approvals with our Minutes builder
Securely Distribute Packets
Securely distribute packets allowing users to view on the device of their choice
Real-time Voting
Vote on resolutions before, during, or after meetings
Collect Data
With BoardPaq, you can collect data like: Board Evaluation forms, custom surveys, and more
Easily Track KPI's
Track KPI’s like: Ownership and equity growth
Collaborate with SWOT
Collaborate with your group in & out of the boardroom using our SWOT analysis tool
Unlimited Document Storage
Store unlimited documents like: committee charters, bylaws, orientation packets and other resources in your custom library
Track KPI’s with Graphs

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