Board Portal

What is a board portal?

A board portal is a mobile app or website that allows an organization to conduct board meetings in a secure, efficient, and paperless manner on tablets, computers, or mobile devices. Organizations using a board portal will:

  • reduce staff expenses related to board and committee meetings;
  • free board members and staff to dedicate more of their time to achieving organizational goals, rather than administering board and committee meetings;
  • foster innovation at the board level;
  • help create a high performing board.

Does my organization really need a board portal?

Board portals are ideal for nonprofits, trade associations, community banks, credit unions, co-ops, and other organizations that need to accomplish important missions using relatively limited financial and human resources. What these organizations need is to be able to focus as many of their resources as possible on serving their stakeholders. Board portals play an important role in making that happen.

Can board meetings really be conducted securely using a board portal?

Board portals are actually the most secure way to conduct board meetings. Traditional board books can contain sensitive financial, human resource, and competitive information. What happens when a director leaves a board meeting with that information in his or her hands? Is it left in their vehicle? Does it sit in their office? Is it tossed in the trash? Does it get lost?

Security features like 2-factor authentication, 256-bit encryption, role-based document access, password controls, and session time-out help ensure that even if a mobile device is lost sensitive or confidential organizational information cannot be accessed by someone who should not see it.

What if I already use a system that has a built-in board portal?

High performing boards result from employing best practices. That starts with conducting meetings in an efficient, secure, and inclusive manner. However, we also believe that boards and executives need as many tools and as much information as possible. We continuously strive to provide customers with the latest information on board best practices through our video series, blogs, and webinars. BoardPaq also consistently adds new features at no additional cost, like our forthcoming strategic planning and SWOT analysis tools. When selecting a board portal look for a company that has made good governance the focus of its product—and not an add-on feature.

Is a board portal difficult to use? What if my board is not technology savvy?

A typical objection to using a board portal is that an organization's board of directors is not technologically savvy, and would not know how or want to use a board portal. However, according to Pew Research, nearly half of all Americans own a tablet—up from just 4% in 2010. That same survey indicated that 62% of college graduates own a tablet. The reality is that a growing number of boards expect to be able to access board documents on their tablet or smartphone. Using a board portal will help them do that securely, safely, and easily. BoardPaq's solution was specifically designed for ease of use — you should not have to be a "techie" to get the best paperless board meeting experience!

Aren't board portals expensive?

There are multiple board portal providers that serve a wide variety of businesses and industries. Using a board portal can be relatively expensive, depending on which product best suits your board. At BoardPaq we are proud to be the partner of choice for more than 800 nonprofits, trade associations, community banks, credit unions, co-ops, and other organizations who want a cost effective board portal. Our transparent pricing model is available on our website, and does not require a long contractual commitment. Our pricing model was developed specifically so that we can be your partner in creating an efficient, high performing board!